Rolling water changes

I do 50% water changes on twelve individually plumbed and controlled display aquariums every 10 days. Each tank has a water change cart that holds 50% of tank volume. The carts are 20 gallon, 32 gallon, and 55 gallon yellow Brute trash cans outfitted with heater, pump, valved hose, shutoff fill valve (plus adapter), two clamps, quick connects, and trash can dolly.

The hose I use to drain tanks and fill the water change carts is a 1/2 inch high flow Water Right. These are FDA and NSF graded with good strain relief, fittings, flexibility, and finish. I use the smaller than usual 1/2 inch size because it is easier to drag around the house and up stairs. It doesn’t flow as fast as a 5/8″ hose, but the tradeoff works for me.

I put quick connects and valves at both ends of all my hoses. I like Gardena quick connects for garden hose fittings. I have quick connects on both ends of the water change hose, each water change cart, the water change drain pump that dips into the tank, and the kitchen sink.

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