New LED Aquarium Lighting

For our SE Asian-ish biotope aquarium. Moonlight, cloud and lightning simulation. And a dual ramp timer.










    1. They’re underpowered for planted aquariums, especially CO2 ones, and a bit gadgety, but cool enough for the price. They’re a cheap way to get some moonlight and storm. I have a few that I keep around for when I spin up new tanks or need to light cultivation tanks and cones. My main lights are AquaRay LEDs, quite a bit more expensive than the Current USAs. I have two Current USAs running full time right now. One on a 10 gallon shrimp tank and one as augmentation and storm+moonlight on a 40 gallon planted SE Asia community tank. No complaints in those roles. I have these on my planted and marine tanks that need more light. Well made. Nice heatsinks. No complaints so far.

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